Figures & GIFs

I am slowly expanding this page to include science/educational figures & GIFs. Feel free to use any of the images below, but please do not remove credit/references listed in the corners.

Exemplifying how WISE color-color diagnostics can effectively select galaxies hosting luminous AGN. SEDs in left panel are a starburst galaxy with increasing fractional contribution from an AGN between 0.1-100 microns. Corresponding WISE colors for each SED, with various AGN color cuts, are shown in the right panel. Download GIF here.

Dual AGN candidates from the literature, identified via X-ray (circles), Radio (triangles), or Optical (diamond) diagnostics. The sensitivity of the space-based Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope, and land-based Very Large Array and Very Long Baseline Interferometer are shown as a function of redshift. Radio observations can probe the smallest separations, while most confirmed cases have been discovered using X-rays. The majority of confirmed dual AGN to date have separations larger than 1 kpc.

Gravitational wave spectrum, illustrating the frequency of signal expected from stellar mass black hole mergers (as detected by LIGO) and supermassive black hole mergers (which have yet to be detected). Supermassive black hole mergers will emit gravitational waves in frequencies outside of LIGO's sensitivity range -- only space-based interferometers and pulsar timing arrays will be capable of detecting these mergers.

Schematic of supermassive black hole, illustrating various regions of emission, and the wavelengths associated with the emission. Note, only ~10-15% of detected SMBHs have been found to be "radio-loud" with a jet.